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 International Affairs Office

International Affairs Office at Mutah University
This office was established by the decision of the Deans Council No. 522/2016 dated 28/9/2017 to implement the University's policy of concluding and following up the implementation of international agreements at the local, Arab and international levels, and communicating with educational institutions in Jordan and outside Jordan.
The Office of International Affairs aims to:
  •  Promote the proper marketing of the university at the local, regional and international levels within a comprehensive plan of action and prudent spending that takes into account the university's financial situation. This plan starts with the preparation of a marketing communication message focusing on the competitive advantage of the university.
  • Strengthening and organizing international agreements with universities and foreign academic institutions within a comprehensive plan of action.
  •  Documenting, organizing and motivating European Union project agreements (Erasmus+) for academic development.
  •  Seek to sign a number of agreements to host projects financed by USAID and to build partnerships with industrial chambers to establish joint implementation projects.
  •  Organizing the visit of Arab and foreign embassies to marketing the university and presenting its programs.
  •  Seeking a mechanism to raise the employment rate through the search for mechanisms to conclude employment and training agreements and attract recruitment companies, and to educate the graduate about the mechanism of marketing himself in the internal and external labor market.
  •  Follow up the agreements in terms of renewal and implementation and dissemination to the concerned authorities.
  •  Organizing training and educational workshops for university faculty members on the University's trend towards universality to support this trend, such as publishing research in prestigious scientific journals.
  • Supervising the news of programs and fees related to the university in foreign and Arab foreign newspapers.
  •  Organizing open days outside and exhibitions inside and outside the Kingdom to introduce programs and attract students to postgraduate programs.
  •  Organizing open days for students of public and private schools within the university, in order to introduce students and parents to the university's programs and services and to enhance the connection between the local community and the university.​