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 التعليمات الخاصة بتبادل الطلبة

Fundamentals and procedures of selection and trade-off between students of Mu'tah University applying for the programs of academic mobility for European projects.



Erasmus + International Credit Mobility is a program of cultural exchange between European and other universities funded by the European Union. Based on its vision of universal access, Mu'tah University seeks to build bridges of communication with many European universities within this program. Allows university students to register theoretical and practical courses and training in partner universities calculated as part of their study plans, as well as allows graduate students to carry out part of the scientific research related to their theses in these universities, not inconsistent with the instructions to grant degrees in force in Jam Mutah and the bases and rules emanating from them. These grants cover monthly allowances for the duration of the grant and a ticket contribution calculated based on the kilometers between Jordan and the host university, while the grant does not provide any other expenses such as health insurance or life insurance during their stay at the host universities.


Article 1: The following words and expressions, wherever mentioned in these bases, shall have the meanings assigned to them below unless the context indicates otherwise:

            University: Mu'tah University.

            College: The college to which the student belongs to the University.

            Department / Institute: Any academic department in the college or institute.

            Office: Office of International Relations.

            Student: Regular student studying at the University.

            Instructions: Instructions issued by the Board of Trustees regarding participation

                                      Mutah University students in exchange programs for my students with academic institutions.



            Foundations: The foundations and procedures of selection and trade-off between students of Mu'tah University applicants

                                   Erasmus Plus.



Article 2: The Office of International Affairs at the University shall announce the availability of exchange and mobility grants

Academic Erasmus Plus and open the application for it, including details of the grants available at the partner university, in terms of available disciplines and a guide on the list of subjects that can be registered, the minimum level of language required, the dates of the grant application available, monthly allowances, and the maximum contribution to the ticket .



Article 3: Subject to the conditions of the instructions of the participation of university students in the exchange programs of students with institutions

             Partner Academic Institutions for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students:

The applicant must have a minimum nationality or as per the agreement signed with the host university.

2. The student must have successfully completed (36) credit hours for a bachelor's degree and (6) graduate hours upon submitting the application, unless the memorandum of understanding or agreement with the partner university stipulates otherwise.

3. A student may not apply for a scholarship if two or more semesters remain upon his / her application.

4. The student must meet the required language requirement at the host university.

Not to have been issued a warning or a disciplinary punishment.

6. Must not have received a previous scholarship from any other program while studying at the University.

7. The student shall determine the courses he intends to apply for at the host university, after reviewing the materials offered at the host university in the semester he intends to attend at the host university and the equivalent materials for these subjects at Mu'tah University, provided that he receives the prior written consent of the concerned department and the faculty concerned. From the Admission and Registration Unit at the University to ensure that these courses are calculated within his study plan after his return, where each hour of the ECTS system) is calculated by a factor of (0.5) for the purposes of the equations of the courses within the European academic mobility program.


Article 4: The student who wishes to benefit from the scholarship must meet the general conditions mentioned in articles (3 and 4) of the instructions of the participation of university students in student exchange programs with partner academic institutions in addition to the conditions mentioned in the announcement. Then apply in writing to the office or through the website specified in the announcement according to the deadlines announced for each university with the following:

1.Detect the signs until tahe.

2. Prove the level of language and provide official documents to do so.

 3. Biography.

4. The motives for the grant.

5. Certificates of previous experience, if any, and any other skills or achievements of the student.

6. Written approval from the donor body of the student envoys.

7. Any other papers the Office may request.

Article 5: The student who participates in one of the exchange programs is considered a regular student at the university. The courses he studied at the partner university shall be counted as part of his study plan, provided that he passes these courses.

Article 6: The period spent by the student to study at the partner university shall be calculated within the maximum period of study stipulated in the instructions for the scientific degrees of the majors and colleges at the university.


Article 7: After the expiry of the deadline for the submission of applications, the Chairman shall form a committee to study applications consisting of:

1- Vice President for Academic Affairs.

2 - Director of the Office of International Affairs.

3- Director of Quality Control Center.

4. Program Coordinator.

Its mission is to:

First: the exclusion of applications that do not meet the conditions


Second: Unloading completed applications