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  الجوائز والأوسمة وبراءات الاختراع

      The faculty members of the university received many awards, decorations and patents.


Awards, decorations and patents

College of Engineering

The College received many awards for projects presented by a group of students of the College, including a variety of topics, including:

Dual Axis Sun Tracking System, Energy Generated From the Magnetic Field, Welding Pipe Robot System, Automated Greenhouse, Braille's Smart Input Pad.

Prof. Ayman Maaytah - Mechanical Engineering Department

1. Al Hussein Medal for Distinguished Giving

2. Energy Innovation Project Award 2015 World Energy Conference, American Society of Energy Engineers AEE, Project Title:

Utilization of Concentrated Solar Energy (CSP) in Tri-Generation for the production of Electricity, Water, Cooling and Healing

3. Emirates Golden Award for Energy and Research and Development for a research project in the use of concentrated solar energy for triple production (electricity, water, cooling and heating)

4. Registration of three patents in scientific projects

“Two-stage low temperature air cooled adsorption cooling unit”. Patented in: the United State.

“Water Generator from Air Utilizing Solar Energy and Adsorption Refrigeration Unit”, Patented in: 30 European Countries and in the United States.

“Water Purification System”. Patented in: 30 European Countries

Dr. Mohammed Awwad Al-Dabbas - Faculty of Engineering

1. International Prize for Creativity and Innovation in Renewable Energy, ALECSO

2. Three patents in renewable energy projects and solving the energy problem in Jordan.

College of Science

Prof. Dr. Khalid Khleifat - Department of Biology

Abdul Hameed Shoman Award for Arab researchers for his research in microbiology.

Dr. Salah Tarawneh - Faculty of Science - Chemistry Department

1. Patent in the research project of the development of antibacterial and cancer entitled: Fluoroquinolin quadrant part 1

2. Patent in the research project of the development of antibacterial and cancer entitled: Fluoroquinolin quadrant part 2

Prof.Dr. Abdul Latif Al Sharif - Department of Physics

TWAS-Prize World Academy of Science –ITALY

Faculty of medicine

The College received the recognition of the Supreme Medical Council of California - America

Dr. Omar Abu Hilala - Faculty of Medicine

- Prince of the Eastern Province - Saudi Arabia Award for his research in the field of cancer

- Registration in the Encyclopedia of Ibn Sina International School of Medicine

- First place in the third national medical competition (Medical Jeopardy 3) 2017

College of Business Administration

- The MBA program in the college ranked first in Jordan and fifth in the Arab world according to Forbes magazine's international ranking.

- The Business Administration Program at the College received the Hussein Fund Award for Innovation and Excellence. The program ranked first among Jordanian universities in evaluating program performance.