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 Strategy Plan



Strategic Plan of the International Affairs Office - Mu'tah University

 University Year (2018-2020)


an introduction

In its new launch, the Office of International Affairs at Mutah University seeks to develop knowledge and cultural relations and openness to international scientific expertise through building bridges of international cooperation with prestigious Arab and foreign universities and scientific institutions. This is under an official umbrella of agreements and partnerships that achieve the mission of the university and its objectives of development, creativity, innovation, scientific excellence, research and training. Where the university seeks to achieve for itself a distinct place on the map of international universities and localization of expertise and modern scientific techniques that benefit the community.

In the framework of the pursuit of globalization, the Office is working actively to benefit from these global partnerships to enable researchers, faculty members and students at the University to exploit the opportunities of international cooperation and engage in multi-disciplinary projects and programs. The skills necessary to join the labor market, which is characterized by high competitiveness in the era of openness in which we live.



 The main objectives


1 - Work on the definition and marketing appropriate for the university at the local, regional, and international levels within a plan of action characterized by inclusive and disciplined spending that takes into account the financial situation of the university. This plan starts with the preparation of a marketing communication message focusing on the competitive advantage of the university through three axes:

ü Excellence in academic programs and its enormous diversity through 53 bachelor programs and 56 graduate programs. In addition to the presentation of the excellence of a number of professors in a number of disciplines and clarify some of the characteristics of excellence of educational outputs of the University

ü University environment and student services provided.

ü Academic recognition of the university locally and globally and international partnerships with scientifically prestigious universities and participating European projects.

 The executive plan is summarized as follows:

  · Preparing brochures, printed publications and documentaries that include a marketing communication message in addition to providing an overview of academic programs and student services provided by the university in an attractive and modern way. These publications should contain elements that distinguish the university and its academic environment in all its contents. And the adoption of a number of logos attractive academically (overarching “look”) and marketing to be placed on all publications of the university and its website.

· Conducting press interviews with newspapers, printed and electronic publications, as well as local and regional visual media to introduce the university's advantages and attractions by talking about the university's achievements, scientific projects and awards.

· Communicating with the embassies and cultural attachés accredited in the Kingdom and highlighting the achievements of the university, its programs and the facilities it offers to receive the expatriate students and providing them with the university's publications and publications. In addition to the invitation of representatives of these embassies and attachments to visit the university and to know closely about its programs and academic environment.

· Coordinating with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to communicate with embassies and cultural attachés representing the Kingdom abroad to contribute to communication with institutions and academic bodies in those countries to market a university.

· Participate in all local forums, conferences and marketing activities of universities and achieve continuous presence in these events.

· Developing a website that serves the marketing plan of the university and demonstrates its competitive advantages in a professional manner capable of attraction. In this regard, the International Bureau has prepared all the data and information needed to be available on the website and the appropriate way to present such information.

Participation in a number of international exhibitions of universities where the International Bureau is considering participating in two exhibitions for 2018, namely:

1) Exhibition of the Federation of Arab Universities.

2) Exhibition of universities and international academic bodies.

· Communicate and partner with the officially accredited student services offices to market the university and attract foreign and Arab students.






2. Promote and organize bilateral international agreements with foreign universities and academic institutions within a plan of action that includes the following:

§ Documentation of bilateral agreements and memorandums of understanding electronically and paper in an organized and institutional manner.

§ Studying these agreements and the texts of cooperation mentioned therein, which are summarized as follows:

   - The possibility of academic exchange between Mutah University and partner universities at the level of students and faculty members.

   - Information exchange.

    Developing faculty-level links between Mu'tah University and the partner university.

It is noticeable after considering the previous items that they need to allocate and frame the frameworks of cooperation and therefore the Office seeks to include more effective items in the new agreements and modify existing ones more effectively and as follows:

Academic exchange programs at the level of students and faculty members, where this item enables the opportunity for faculty members and students to spend a full semester and two semesters according to the specialties available at the partner university.

Providing an opportunity for researchers from both sides to engage in joint research projects and papers and to frame this through molecular agreements (Service Agreement) concerned in this particular area.

Holding seminars, conferences, scientific workshops and joint exhibitions.

Approving the use of the available databases between the two universities in a manner that does not contradict the agreements signed with the database institutions that do not belong to the two universities.

Providing training programs to develop the scientific and administrative skills of the university employees.

Develop academic programs and update study plans according to modern scientific techniques and benefit from the experience of the partner university.


§ Activating the terms of cooperation in these agreements through a number of practical steps:

o Inviting many representatives of these universities to visit Mu'tah University in order to activate these agreements. Indeed, Mu'tah University recently received a number of representatives from those universities. Based on these meetings, the International Bureau has developed an Action Plan, which is summarized as follows:

- Introduce faculty members to these agreements and ways to benefit from them.

- Addressing faculty members and providing them with a list of universities with which Mutah University is associated with memorandums of cooperation in the field of research to explore these universities and research topics that focus on those universities in all common disciplines. Later, the International Bureau provided summaries of the common research interests of the fellows to address these universities and try to launch joint research programs in case of consensus between researchers from both sides.


§ Study and evaluate the expired agreements and renew the important ones.

§ Establish new partnerships and agreements to serve the strategic plan of the International Bureau and the University.

3- Documenting, organizing and stimulating the agreements of the EU projects Erasmus + for academic development:

Erasmus Plus projects: The EU's program in the areas of education, training, youth and sports for 2014-2020. The program builds on the achievements of more than 25 years of European programs in the fields of education, training and youth, which include both the dimension of inter-European cooperation as well as international cooperation. Mutah University was able to win the partnership in a number of projects, which secured the partnership with a number of European universities in several axes:

International Student Mobility Programs: Mu'tah University has been able to sign agreements with a number of European universities (3 universities only) to achieve exchange under the umbrella of EU funding. Many faculty members and students in a number of colleges were able to enroll in these universities according to the periods set by these agreements.

Capacity Building Program in Higher Education Institutions: Mu'tah University was able to win partnership in 8 projects.The period of these projects extends from 2014 to 2018.The number of qualified European universities and the participation of Mu'tah University in these projects reaches 25 universities.


The objectives of the Office of International Affairs in relation to these projects are:

§ Document these agreements electronically and institutionally and communicate with the coordinators of these projects at the university to provide the International Bureau with copies of the agreements for these projects and put them under the umbrella of the administrative office.

§ Preparation of summaries of these projects includes the following items:

· Full name of the project as in the agreement and serial number.

· University incubator for the project Beneficiary Organization.

· Partner universities in these projects.

· Project budget as a whole and Mu'tah University budget in the project.

· Project objectives and objectives for the implementation of Mu'tah University.

· List of equipment and laboratories obtained from projects.


Organizing the academic exchange process and providing the appropriate legislative environment through the adoption of a set of instructions, including the following:

o Instructions for student exchange within Erasmus Plus projects.

o Instructions for the basis of selection of students and the table of differentiation and the basis of the equation of materials in partner universities.

o Instructions for the exchange of faculty members and the basis of trade-off between them.

o Instructions for the exchange of administrative board members for training purposes.


§ Preparation of models necessary for the process of academic exchange, which include: learning letter, motivation letter, curriculum vitae, and pledge document.


§ Spreading the culture of academic exchange for students and faculty members under the umbrella of International Credit Mobility through an executive plan summarized as follows: